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163,800,000 lbs of dog waste

Everyone loves their dogs but more dogs mean more waste. EPA estimates each dog produces 273 lbs of waste per year.  With 302.6 square miles means a whopping 163,800,000 lbs of dog waste in New York City every year. All of this and the plastic that goes with it means a whole lot of waste.

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"I Forgot."

Why people don’t pick up after their dog:

  • They forgot a plastic bag

  • They dislike the feeling

  • Lack of social pressure

  • Don’t want to carry it

  • Thinking it will help the soil

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Dog waste takes 9 weeks to naturally decompose and carries many diseases harmful to humans including Campylobacteriosis and E. Coli as well as parasites such as Roundworm.

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One dog poops 3/4 lbs a day on average meaning there are more than 200 million plastic bags being thrown away every year in New York City alone.

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Potté Dog Waste Composting System

The Potté dog waste composting system is a new way of looking at your dog's poop. We use compostable materials to

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How It Works


Grab a box

Take a waste box from the dispenser and follow simple folding instructions.

Retrieve waste

Use the compostable waste box to retrieve pet waste.

Dispose in Compost Bin

Insert waste box into compost bin. and the breakdown process begins immediately.

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What about compostable bags?

Compostable plastic bags take anywhere from three to six months to fully decompose which is much longer than the five-week breakdown period in our systems.  Please do not put compostable plastic bags in our systems! They do not break down quickly enough and will back up the breakdown process!

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