Potté Compost Bin

The waste box is inserted into the potté compost bin and the magic begins!
In 5 weeks that same box will be fertilizer used in the same park or parks all around the city,
as well as some other locations.


How It Works

22 copy.png

The Box is inserted in the potté compost bin.

75 copy.png

The crank is rotated to mix contents

calender graphic.png

5 weeks later the waste becomes fertilizer


The Neighborhood

2.64 Square Miles

in East Greenwich Village and Flatiron District




lbs per day


lbs per dog park


New York City Parks and Recreation Staff

The New York City Parks and Recreation Staff will be managing the bins to make sure the systems are healthy and working properly. This will include adding dry material and enzymes as needed, stirring the bin with the crank and restocking the waste boxes

Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 4.54.53 AM.png

Positive Impacts


The benefits of this system will be less plastic use in parks, less smell in common areas, and the city will have natural locally sourced fertilizer. Making the city parks cleaner and safer​.


Owners will be educated on dog waste and have a more enjoyable experience picking up after their dog. Park users will get educated on sustainable practices as well.


Possible Issues


  • Determination of Quantity & Time

  • The ratio of Waste & Added Material

  • Depth of City & Soil Quality

New Issues

  • Smells

  • Possible User Error

    • Using plastic bags

    • Putting trash in composters